What did you study in college?

I had a major in Classical Studies (honors) and a minor in Statistics (Wharton). The “honors” means I wrote a lengthy research paper about bad Christians reading a bad translation of Plato in Roman Egypt. That my minor is from Wharton means that my classes were in a different building and, on average, taught by better-paid faculty.

What did you actually study?

  • Languages: Attic Greek, Latin, R.
  • Reading: ancient texts, histories, mathematical proofs.
  • Writing: short essays (3-5 pages), longer research papers (12-18 pages), independent projects for statistics courses. Plus: some very unrelated classes, the best of which was intermediate astrophysics.

What have you done since college?

  • Summer 2017: Graduated, travelled, signed a lease.
  • Fall 2017: Worked operations and event-planning at a social-justice synagogue in West Philly. Handshake work around the theatre community. Read novels, secondhand bike, weekly CSA.
  • Jan 2018–now: No. 6 @ Fishtown Analytics. Open-source software, Medium data, the future of analytics at all the startups you’ve heard of (and especially the ones you haven’t).

Tell me about some of your other interests.

I love theatre, enough to love it even when I hate it.

I spend a lot of time reading, especially Jia.

Where do you see yourself in x year(s)?

I’ve only ever had permanent residence on the East Coast of the United States, but I’m an at-will employee of life and all conditions are subject to change without advance notice or approval. The world may not be around for very much longer, and I am open to grand gestures on behalf of the people in it.



Did you make this website? (or: Where’s the Wordpress/Squarespace logo?)
Yes. This site (such as it is) is powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Fonts are Inconsolata by Raph Levien, Merriweather by Sorkin Type (titles), and Alegreya Sans SC by Juan Pablo de Peral (small caps, instead of italics, because I read about it somewhere). The underlines are mine, with inspiration and guidance from James Musgrave (GitHub), Adam Schwartz (Eager), and Marcin Wichary (Medium).