Directing & dramaturgy

In spring 2017, my last semester of college, I directed a very college-y production of The Merchant of Venice. I made a whole thing about it.

In 2018, I did a bunch of things with Shreshth Khilani. They have a nice website.



I’ve been hanging lights for six years, and designing for almost as long.

My aesthetic is heavily influenced by space and context. After lighting shows conventional and unconventional, and working in venues both established and (literally) underground, I find the work of finding, shaping, and creating space with light most compelling.

From Fringe 2017:

“Julia Montante’s scenic design and Jeremy T. Cohen’s lighting use the space (even its three pillars) well, creating a twinkle-light wedding fantasia that contrasts ironically with the dark tale.” - Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

“Jeremy T. Cohan’s [sp] guerrilla lighting is very much of a piece with the world Walker and Di Monaco are creating.” - Cameron Kelsall, phindie

Groups I’ve worked with:

Spaces I’ve performed or worked in:


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