While my company’s software is open-source, the work I do at work is largely under client contract. So! I include two final projects from statistical computing and econometrics courses. One is the result of original research, the other an attempt at replicating the methods and findings of a (particularly ambitious) scholarly article. While neither demonstrates my best technical or nonfictional writing, both were (statistically) significant endeavors requiring dozens of hours in R and nontrivial leaps outside my comfort zone.

Ranking American Universities

Final project for a course in “Modern Data Mining”, May 2016. All data collection, collation, and cleaning was my own. Data-science methods included LASSO and decision-tree. Inspired by a (lengthy) paper written in fall 2015 on service-learning in higher education.


Pre-Modern Dutch Urban Development

Final project for first of two-course series in “Applied Econometrics”, Dec 2016. Duplication of Economica paper by İ. Semih Akçomak, Dinand Webbink and Bas ter Weel (2016), with comments and criticism. Econometric methods included ordinary least-squares and two-stage least squares regression.


Emerging Markets in the News, 2006-2016

Just for fun, I also include a project that my roommate and I completed in a weekend for PennApps, January 2016. We won drones; I did a summer internship in New York; the rest is alternate history.