What did you study in college?
I had a major (with honors!) in Classical Studies and a minor (from Wharton!) in Statistics. The “honors” means I wrote a lengthy research paper about bad Christians reading a bad translation of Plato in Roman Egypt. That my minor is from Wharton just means that my classes were in a different building and, on average, taught by better-paid faculty.

What did you actually study?
Languages: a lot of Greek (Attic), some Latin, and a lot of R. Reading: ancient texts, histories, mathematical proofs. Writing: short essays (3-5 pages), longer research papers (12-18 pages), some independent projects for statistics courses. I also took some very unrelated classes, the best of which was intermediate astrophysics.

What are you doing with that?
There are very good reasons for pursuing a liberal arts degree (see: hiring trends, employer surveys, our Automated Future (TM), personal fulfillment). At the same time, I recognize that the choice also means a comparatively lower starting salary and less vocational certainty.

I spent fall 2016 working at a social-justice synagogue in West Philly and rewarding odd jobs around the Philly theatre community. In January, I’m starting full-time work at Fishtown Analytics, a data analytics consultancy that works with other startups and maintains free open-source software tools for data analysts. It’s mission-driven in the sense of empowering the work of ‘data people’ at small, under-resourced organizations.

Tell me about some of your other interests.
I love theatre, enough to love it even when I hate it. I spent four years on the board of iNtuitons, an “experimental” student theatre group at Penn. In spring 2016, I directed The Merchant of Venice for Front Row, Penn’s “socially relevant” theatre group. In fall 2016, I assistant directed Long Day’s Journey Into Night for Quintessence Theatre Group, a small professional theatre in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Northwest Philly.

I try to read a lot, with an aspiration toward longer-form journalism, and I’ll read anything with Jia Tolentino, Nathan Heller, Adam Gopnik, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Maggie Haberman, or David Farenthold in the byline. I might start trying to write again soon, too.

What are you doing right now?
I recommend looking here.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I wish I could give an answer that dignifies the seriousness of the question. As it is, I don’t pretend to know what my life looks like five months from now, let alone five years. I’ve only ever had permanent residence on the East Coast of the United States, but I’m an at-will employee of life and all conditions are subject to change without advance notice or approval.



Did you make this website? (or: Where’s the Wordpress/Squarespace logo?)
Yes. This site (such as it is) is powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Fonts are Inconsolata by Raph Levien, Merriweather by Sorkin Type (titles), and Alegreya Sans SC by Juan Pablo de Peral (small caps, instead of italics, because I read about it somewhere). Smart underlining is my own work, with inspiration and guidance from James Musgrave (GitHub), Adam Schwartz (Eager), and Marcin Wichary (Medium).